reanimatorThis is a framed 8×10 papercut of Dr Herbert West from Reanimator. The stencil was made by me, and handcut and mounted in a sturdy, front-loading frame. A great alternative to prints, papercuts are always unique and vary slightly from the picture because they are always handcut when ordered. Get it here!

Size – 8×10
Comes Framed!

Packaged securely and shipped via USPS Priority mail in an insured box, you will receive this usually in 2-3 days after mailed.


Finally finished!! 


Finallyyyyyyy finished this! I wanted a place for my ocarina that wasn’t the back of a drawer, so I made this Zelda inspired chest. Plastic canvas and thousands of stitches later, I finally have a cool place for it ^_^

A New Patrick

PatrickMy favorite to remake and the quickest seller in my shop. This is a framed 11×14 papercut of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. I used real pages from the American Psycho book for this! Ripped out and random then burned, I used them to cut the stencil from. Stencil was made by me. Finished with paint and framed in a sturdy, front-loading frame.

**Purchase here**
-REAL book pages from the American Psycho book

Will be shipped to you in an insured box via USPS 2-3 day.

Game Room?!

We’ve recently started work on a game room! The previous owners had a detached garage they converted into a guest house. When we bought this house, we immediately knew we’d be turning the guest house into a game room(game house?). We’ve been painting like crazy – the color scheme we chose was “theatre” feel with gray walls and black trim and ceiling. Still waiting for the new carpet to be installed, but once that’s done, we can start moving in furniture and games :D.

I also made some things as decoration. Have a look 😀

Super Mario Mushroom Side Tables

tables These took quite a bit of time but the end result was worth it! Just about 1000 wooden blocks that I had painted. I glued these all together, and added some support and a few layers of a good UV protective sealant. They turned out better than I had imagined!

Cowboy Bebop Spike Glass Top Coffee Table

coffeeProbably the coolest thing I’ve ever made! When looking for coffee tables to buy, I had the idea of getting one with glass inserts like this so I could make some sort of stencil underneath and have it be a custom table. The cool thing about this is we can switch the art out one day, and make it whatever we want or just leave the glass by itself.  This design is inspired by  the work of Drew Wise, PLEASE check out his designs here.

Super Mario Piranha Plants

plantsSimple perler bead Piranha plant sprites that I put into clay pots. The pots were painted with several coats of a fluorescent green paint, and everything was held in there with Styrofoam and potting soil.

     That’s about it for now! Its been a fairly long process with the painting, picking out carpet and furniture, shelving, etc but I’m very excited for it.  Here’s a shot of my favorite thing we’ll be putting in there ;D